About Crom

Not much to say about myself that can’t be summed up with one word, “Spectacular.”

Just kidding, I am a bit more humble than that. Barely.

My name is Neil MacDonald and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a lovely, beautiful and understanding wife, Jacquelyn.* We have two dogs, Tracadie and McCartney. They keep us sane in the membrane and awake at 7 AM for backyard bathroom breaks. Like clockwork.

My friends claim I am from Canada. While my family does hail from Prince Edward Island, Canada I am actually an American citizen born in New Jersey. I am proud to be an American, though I sometimes let people believe what they will. Being from New Jersey is not as exotic as it sounds.

I have been a fan of Marvel Comics since I was 5 years old. Stan Lee is personally responsible for my appreciation of vocabulary.

Personally, I think we are in the golden age of collectibles. Growing up I always wished there was more out there than just action figures, which I dearly loved. In my twenties you could find some posters and trading cards. it wasn’t until my thirties that statues and other collectibles truly gained traction.

This blog is a reflection of my happiness. It will tend towards the positive and my tendency towards gathering information. I like knowing things as much as owning things. I hope you enjoy and find it beneficial.

*Always, always praise the wife.


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